Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reading Rule - "Two Vowels Together"

Our reading program, like other programs I've seen, emphasizes individual consonant "blends", such as "ee", "ea", etc.  Rather than try and teach my students each of these separate lessons, I combined them into one simple and easy rule.

"Two vowels together,
Forever and a day,
You make the first one long
And you throw the rest away."

Okay, so it's no Shakespeare, but I've found this simple rule has the children instantly recognizing when two vowels are side by side, and it gives them a guideline to help sound out and decipher the word. 

Best yet, this rule works for every category, including "ee", "ea", "oa", and many of the "vowel-y" words like "ay" and "ey".

And don't you agree that remembering this one general rule is better than trying to teach them four or more individually specific ones?

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