Friday, February 10, 2012

February is Dental Health Month

And thanks to a teacher on Pinterest, I found this neat way to show the class how flossing helps, even after brushing, with Legos to represent teeth, Playdoh for plaque, and yarn for floss.

We discussed "good foods" and "bad foods" (to review our nutrition unit), and then they got to cut out pictures from catalogs (again from a teacher on Pinterest). 3 bad foods for the Unhappy/Mad Tooth, and 3 good foods for the Happy Tooth.


  1. Legos do look like tooth replicas that can be used to teach children how to take care of their teeth. The playdoh, on the other hand, is something I overlooked. It does seem like plaque. Why haven't I thought of something like that before? It's creative. And a piece of yarn as floss? Classic.

  2. Children learn more from playing instead of getting knowledge by books or from people.That's a nice step you have selected.

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  4. The children in last pic are looking really so beautiful.May they get healthy teeth.

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