Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Texas Activities

To continue with our Texas activities during Texas Public Schools Week...

I made up 5 baggies of the word BLUEBONNETS, cut into letter squares. I had each table first assemble the letters into the word of our state flower. Then I gave them 5 minutes to make as many words as possible using the letters. (Words had to be spelled correctly, too. I got "bel" and "bul", among other words, and had to eliminate them, but it was a perfect teachable moment to give them the correct spellings.)

Next, for our state flower we got to use our watercolor paints. But this time I made them use Q-tips. One end for blue, the other end for green. It made for quite an interesting experience. (There's also the "popcorn" method, where they glue popped popcorn where the petals are, then paint the popcorn.)

Finally, for our math activity, I found a map graphic on the internet, and printed it off. Next I added the "Where is Texas?" question. We labeled our state. Then, using a wall map as a guide, we began to number all 50 states. We did this as a group activity. It was fun!

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