Friday, March 30, 2012

Sony's Sound Forge Audio - Record Those Books They Can't Yet Read by Themselves for Accelerated Reader

I have several students who want to take the Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, but can't quite read the books by themselves yet. I bought Sony's Sound Forge Audio Studio (download online $65, or you can try out the demo for free!), and I read aloud one book at a time, saving each book as a separate file.

When I'm done recording, I put a piece of colored tape at the bottom corner of the book.

Once I have enough books to fill up a CD, I burn the MP3 sound files onto the disk, noting what titles are on it.

Then I put the number of that book onto the piece of tape so that when a student is ready to read/listen to the book, and the book is number 5, they can forward on the CD player to #5 and listen with headphones in the listening center as they follow along to my reading.

When they're finished listening, they know how to log on to AR, along with their name and password, as well as enter the book code (listed by the library on the book) to get the right title.

Of course, I have to read the questions and all possible answers to them, but I give them no clue as to the correct response. When they're done, we log our correct answers, which is on a poster on the wall.

I have a tremendous response in the number of students who participate in AR because they can pick and choose, and listen for themselves!

(P.S. - I've found many ways to get my money's worth out of this software! More to come!)

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