Friday, April 27, 2012

Graphing With a Twist

I've been seeing different graphs show up on Pinterest where the students graph Lucky Charms using just the marshmallow shapes. So I decided to do our graphing just a bit differently, to shake things up a bit. I gave each child a one-hundred chart. I then gave them 1/4 cup of cereal.

Initially they watched as I did one by myself. I had 2 green clovers, so two squares were colored green. I had 4 blue-ish shapes and 1 rainbow (that they wanted to color blue), which made for 5 squares being colored in blue. Once I was done with the marshmallows, I counted out the cereal in groups of 5, and colored in 5 squares at a time. Each time I finished counting and coloring a set, the cereal went back in the cup.

Some children had more than 100 pieces (broken ones don't count), and were inventive enough to draw more squares at the bottom of their paper. In the end, after we were done, we got to eat our cereal.

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