Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tots and Technology Conference, Part 2 - Great Websites!

I was directed to this website because they understand what it means to be a teacher without the proper resources to keep up with today's changing world. And they also realize how much of our own salaries we put back into the classroom. DONORSCHOOSE is there for us. Try it!

AbleNet as some great curriculum software and product ideas. This company also focuses on children with disabilities. Like them on Facebook and check back on occasion to see what neat projects and tips they have.

Although this site is primarily for upper grade teachers, I've joined just so I can connect with other Kinder and primary teachers. In short, it's similar to Facebook, but aimed toward a teacher with a classroom. In short, teachers can open up their site and invite their students. (And they can CLOSE the room and restrict others from coming in.) Teachers have access to a grade book, among other really neat tools. Students have a way to ask the teacher about an assignment, and can even turn in an assignment that's due. There are a whole slew of great things this site can do! It's simply a matter of going in and browsing to see what else is available.

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