Friday, October 19, 2012

Letter A Activities

Our activities for the Letter A last week included:

* Sang "The ANTS Go Marching", then made ANTS with our fingerprints in paint. (Picture #1)

* Brought APPLES to class and graphed them by color. Then we placed them in order from smallest to largest.

* Cut open the APPLES to see the stars. Ate one half, then did APPLE STAMPING with the other half in paint.

* Had APPLE SAUCE and APPLE JUICE for snack one day (It was amazing how many of my students had never had this drink.)

* Took pictures of ALLIGATORS and put them in AB sequencing order on a sentence strip. (Picture #2)

* Made APPLE MOSAICS with red (or green or yellow) construction paper by tearing and gluing finger-sized pieces to the picture. (Picture #3)

* Opened a box of ANIMAL CRACKERS and tried to identify the animals.

* A lot of my students have names that begin with A, so they got to wear a yarn necklace with their names written on a card, and the A emphasized in glitter glue.

* Jumped on and sounded out the letter A on the floor every time we entered the room.

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