Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oatmeal Wreaths

Right off, I'm going to say that this is a very messy activity, so be sure to lay newspaper down, and have all long sleeves secured above the elbows! But it's so much fun, and the kids had a blast doing it, that I had to share!

You need small paper plates, uncooked oatmeal, and green tempera paint. Toppers are red pompoms.

First, have each child cut out the center of their paper plates. Be sure they put their names on the back. Then lay a thin layer of glue over the outer ring. (I had them use their index finger to smear the glue around.)

Next, put the oatmeal in a container, and squirt paint on top. Let the kids mix the oatmeal with their fingers. (The neat thing is, they don't need to wash their hands BEFORE this activity!)

Next, have them pat a thin layer of colored oatmeal onto the glue and outer ring. (Child with gray sleeve did get it in the paint, but fortunately tempera is washable.)

Let dry. We did this activity in the morning, and didn't add the pompoms until right before the end of school. Next time, I'll have them dry overnight.

Voila! An oatmeal wreath they couldn't stop touching. The sensory input had a big impact! A fellow Kinder teacher said I should have done this while we were studying the letter O, since the wreath looks like an O, and we used Oatmeal, but I had run out of time before I could include it.

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