Friday, January 25, 2013

Letter R Activities

Things we did to learn about the letter R included:

* jumping the letter on the floor and sounding it out every time we entered the room

* celebrating every student who has an R in their name

* making an R anchor chart

* performing the Dancing Raisins experiment, with Sprite and Raisins

* coloring the letter R like a Rainbow, and then tearing and gluing construction paper onto it (R template can be downloaded from here.)

* cutting and pasting shapes (rectangles, square, triangles) into the shape of a Robot (you can get my template here!)

* using food coloring to turn rice into rainbow colors (Note: Some recipes suggest using alcohol to make the food color stick to the rice. Alcohol helps to make the rice a more consistant color. But not using alcohol creates more verigated colors.) We then used the rice to fill in rainbows.

* using Rocks to practice math problems

* wearing Red on Fun Fun Friday, and eating Raisins for snacks

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