Friday, February 8, 2013

Letter L Activities, with a Freebie pattern!

While we were studying the letter Ll, we did the following activities:

* jumped the letter L on the floor every time we entered the classroom

* recognized everyone who had an L in their name

* colored our Lollipops and added yarn for swirls (I got the pattern by googling for a coloring sheet.)

* created our own Lunch tray of food by cutting and gluing pictures from catalogs (You can get my lunch tray pattern here!)

* collected Leaves and glued them to a capital L

* decorated our Lions with yarn manes (I used an old coloring sheet that worked perfectly.)

* and on Fun Fun Friday, first we taste-tested fresh Lemons and Limes, then had Licorice for a treat

* ate Lunch in the classroom - a very different experience!

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