Friday, March 29, 2013

Letter E and Easter Activities

Because this was a short week, our study of the letter E was relegated to Easter activities.
Using the Egg template described on Monday, the kids cut out eggs from wallpaper samples and glued them onto an Easter sign.

Not bad, huh? Next time, though, I'll put a bit more space between the letters.

And we did something totally different this year when it came to the Egg hunt. We did it in the classroom! Because the available playgrounds were already taken by other classes, I waited until the students were in another class, and hid all the eggs "in plain sight" in the room. Using their bunny bags we made on Wednesday, they had a terrific time finding the eggs because they had never done something like this before!

And, since it was after lunch, I let them eat some of the candy.

I did have one parent who sent cupcakes to celebrate, although we didn't officially have a party.
All in all, it was one terrific day.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Easter!

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