Friday, March 22, 2013

Letter J Activities

This week seemed to fly by. We had so much fun learning the letter J.

* We colored a pattern of jellybeans.

And glued them onto construction paper in the shape of a J.

 * We did a dot-to-dot of a jar filled with jellybeans.
* We took jewels and glued them onto the letter J.

They look so beautiful hanging from the ceiling. When the air conditioner comes on, the cards wave in the current, making the jewels glitter in the light.

* We worked on our AABB patterning using jars and jellyfish.

* The most challenging activity was making jellyfish. After coloring half of a paper plate, we punched holes along the bottom edge.

Then we used a rhythm stick to figure out how long to cut our yarn.

We tied the yarn to our paper plates, and now we have jellyfish!

* For Fun Fun Friday, I brought 6 jars of jelly and jam to school. I deliberately chose several flavors that I didn't think the students had ever had, including cherry, blueberry, raspberry, apricot, peach, and of course strawberry.

They got to pick any flavor, and spread them on crackers. They got to eat as much as they wanted (this was in the afternoon, after their naps.) Those kids went through almost two whole boxes of crackers!

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