Friday, April 19, 2013

Letter T Activities

We had a lot of fun with our letter T activities this week.

Of course, we worked on AB patterns with Texas and a top.

I found an old math sheet of various shapes, and created a Triangles/Not Triangles worksheet to go with it. I didn't have the kids color the shapes - just cut out and glue. But I've used that initial sheet as a color sheet (ex: color the squares blue, etc.) In retrospect, I think this sheet should have had fewer shapes on it for this activity, but it was a good way to get a quick observation grade on their shapes.

I also made this worksheet of shapes, that they colored, cut out, and put together to make a truck!
What made it fun was adding their photo to the "cab" so that it looks like they're driving.

But the activity that was the greatest fun was making our paper plate turtles. (You can get the master here.) Unfortunately, I ran out of paper plates (it's been that kind of week), so I quickly traced a plate onto manila construction paper. The kids colored the plate and turtle parts, cut and glued, and then I added googly eyes.

And, since it was Fun Fun Friday, we all enjoyed Trix cereal for our snack/treat! I've never had Trix before today, and I've found them to be fruity and very addictive!

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