Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Language Arts Stations for the Weeks of 11/11 and 11/18

It's the last two weeks before Thanksgiving and Fall Break! So our stations this time around are Thanksgiving themed.

Station 1 - Guided Reading

Station 2 - Split computer and Listening Center
They're continuing with typing their sight words on the computer.
At the listening center, the book and CD of "Over the River and Through the Woods" by Derek Anderson. (link here)

Station 3 - Highlight-a-Letter (E this week, F next week)

Station 4 - Pumpkin Pull

This was a Pumpkin Letter Recognition freebie I found on Pinterest, but I can't find the original link. I ran off copies of the game board on orange paper, and the letters on gold. The students take turns drawing a letter from a box, then covering that letter on their board with a chip. If they draw a letter they already have covered, they lose that turn. First person to fill up their board wins. There are two sets of letters, upper and lower case. We're doing lower case this week, upper case next week.

Station 5 - Write the Room. The last two weeks, we labeled 10 objects in the classroom using yellow index cards (I've used blue and pink cards in the past). Next time I'll use green or purple. Anyway, the students use a clipboard and a sheet of regular ruled paper, number it from 1 to 10, then go about the room to find the numbered cards and write the word on that card.

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