Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Math Stations for the Weeks of 2/3 and 2/10 - with a Freebie

Station One: Snowball Fight!
Got this freebie here. In short, they roll the die and cover that many spaces. First to cover all their spaces wins. (Note the die has the number word on it. I gave them a little cheat sheet this week, but the card disappears next week.)

Station Two: Valentine Measurement
Got this freebie here. As a team, they measure the size of each Valentine item, and mark their answers on the answer sheet.

Station Three: Candy Hearts Game
Got this freebie here. Again, I'm using the tally marks die.

Station Four: Domino Parking Lot
Freebie can be found here. They draw a domino, add the dots, and put the piece on the correct "parking area". If they draw a domino whose total is already covered, they lose that turn. First person to fill up their parking lot wins.

Station Five: Count and Match
I made these mats, which you can right click, save, and print out for yourself.
The game is played either with a die, or in this case, just to be different, a spinner.
The students can count with anything - blocks, unifix cubes, stones, pompoms...whatever. Mix it up!
To play, they spin for a number, then start covering a space with that many. The object is to have only the right number of objects on that space to match the number. For example, if they roll a six, they can cover a 5 and a 1. Or they can put all six on the 6. Or all six on the 8, knowing they'll have to put two more on that 8 later to fill up the square.
First person to get all their squares correctly filled wins.

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