Friday, April 4, 2014


We're studying Equal and Unequal this week, along with Equal Parts (aka Halves) in math. I came up with this quick little study that the kids enjoyed.

Each table was given a tub of manipulatives. We did a practice run using the number 3. Each child got 3 pieces and placed them on the table in front of them. Then, using the old familiar "one for me and one for you" trick, they set out dividing up the props. Once they learned that if both sides got the same amount, it was EQUAL, but if there was one left over, the amount was UNEQUAL, I then put a set of numbers up on the board. On scratch paper, they wrote down the numbers, got their manipulatives, and tried to determine if each number was EQUAL or UNEQUAL. 

In the end, we compared our answers. To "spice things up", we rotated our tub of items between tables, to give everyone a chance to use different props.

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