Monday, May 5, 2014

My Math Stations for the Weeks of 5/5 and 5/12, With a Freebie

Station #1 - Race to Draw It
I made a simple worksheet, and a die with six basic 2D shapes. They throw the die, draw the shape, and first person to fill in 4 in a row wins!

Get your own copy of the sheet below!
(Click the jpeg image for a larger version you can save and print.)

Station #2 - Doubles Aren't Trouble!
You can get this freebie here.

Station #3 - Capture 4
You can get this freebie here!

Station #4 - Popsicle Puzzles!
I took popsicle sticks and wrote the alphabet, numbers, and shapes on them. (Two sticks per.)

Station #5 - Addition Chart
I couldn't remember is this game used dice or not, so I did a little adapting by making the 0s into 6s. (Sorry, but I dug this out of my filing cabinet, and I can't find where I got the original.)

Now what they do is throw 2 dice and cover the "intersection". It's very similar to the TENS AND ONES game I created. (And where you can get a freebie copy of that board.)

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