Monday, October 27, 2014

7 Ways to Use Stamps (That You Probably Never Thought Of)

Sharing some ways to use stamps that you may not have thought of (other than putting it on paper for a completed assignment, etc.).

1. Using tempera paint or watercolor, so it washes off, stamp the backs of students' hands for job well done, good behavior, and so forth.

2. Put on folded cardstock or construction paper to have them color and create a birthday/holiday card.

3. Create a scene on paper from a story or song they've heard/read/sung.

4. Put on a piece of paper and have them try to re-draw an identical figure beside it.

5. Put on paper and have them label with the name.

6. Create patterns (ex: AB, AAB, ABB) 

7. Alphabetize using the first letter they begin with (ex: E- elf, P - pumpkin, O - owl)

If you have another idea, please add it in the comments section! Thanks!

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