Monday, April 27, 2015

The Build-the-Alphabet Game

This worked wonderfully on bad weather days when we couldn't go outside to run off that extra energy. 

Begin with dividing your class into two teams.

You'll need two decks of alphabet cards. It's important the two decks are different from each other, so that they're not accidentally mixed up. For a quick, inexpensive deck, you can print off Alex's Alphabet Cards on two different colored cardstocks.

Dump both decks in a box. Mix them up. Tell each team what their color is (ex: red deck for Team A, blue deck for Team B)

The first child in line grabs a card, runs to a table (I used the gutter underneath the white board), and sets up the card. That child runs back, grabs another card, hands it to the second child, who runs up to place it in "alphabetical order" next to the first card. Child 2 then runs back, grabs a third card to hand to the third child, etc. 

The children keep advancing to place a card in order on the gutter. As more cards are added, they'll have to move cards to fit theirs where it belongs.

The team that finishes correctly first wins!

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