Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Indoor Recess - Bad Weather Activity #1

Before you know it, the weather will change, and you won't be able to take the kiddos outside for recess. And the class really needs to blow off some of that energy!

Here is a easy game to play that will help alleviate both problems!

I've done this with one line and in a circle, but I've discovered it's a lot more fun if you have the children stand in 2 or more lines (with an even number of children in all lines).

Relay races!

You need a large rubber ball, or a beach ball. Something they can grasp with both hands.

Begin by having the child in front pass the ball overhead to the next child. The child at the end then passes it back, again overhead.

Next, the ball passes on their RIGHT from one to the other. Note: they must still face forward, and can only turn their waists to pass the ball. When the last child gets the ball, s/he then passes it along their LEFT side, back to the front.

Want to make it a bit more difficult? See if they can toss the ball to the next person!

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