Friday, April 22, 2016

Recommended Education Site - EDUCASTIC

According to their Facebook page:

"Sights is the FIRST classroom connected sight word learning tool that kids and parents use in conjunction with their child's teacher to help them learn to read. 

Teachers using Sights report over 10% MORE time to teach vs organizing flashcards, and students learn and retain 3X MORE sight words than years past!

Educasic specializes in connected-classroom apps for teachers/students PK3. Our focus is supporting the 7.4M kindergarten + 1st grade students plus millions of pre-schoolers entering school in the United States each year. Our first app, Sights, is the FIRST classroom connected, digital sight word learning tool that kids + parents use together at home to study their sight words, in conjunction with the child’s teacher. Sights offers REAL-TIME reporting for both the parent/student app + a private teacher dashboard, that shows history for each practice test the student takes. We have also created our own adaptive learning algorithm into the app to help kids learn words they are struggling with."

Here's their website

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