Friday, February 18, 2011

100th Day of School

We just celebrated our 100th Day of School (75 more to go! YES!).  If your school celebrates the momentous day, you're probably being inundated with ideas and suggestions for activities you can do with your students.  I'm not giving you a suggestion.  I'm giving you a helpful tip.

You're probably thinking about having the kids make their own 100 necklace.  Here's what I do to make this project easier.

The majority of Kinders can't count out 100 cereal rings by themselves.  So I've made a "mat" of 10 circles that they can put 10 rings on each one.  (Great opportunity to reinforce counting by 10s!)

Then you give them a "needle" with their yard of yarn string.  We all know what happens when little fingers try to shove yarn through a little hole.  The whole thing becomes a massive frayed and tangled mess.  But take a paper clip, unbend it, and show them how to thread the yarn through the cereal holes, and it becomes "easy schmeasy"!

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