Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sticker Award Charts

One thing I've learned after years of spending my hard-earned money on classroom materials is how to cut corners.

I award stickers to my students for several things:
*good behavior
*homework turned in on time
*good manners
*random acts of kindness
*anything I feel that merits

Instead of buying pre-made charts (which you can do), I made a template and run my charts on used tag or cover stock that are blank on one side.  I use stamps this year to add "flavor", but in the past I've also let the child cut a picture out of a magazine and glue it on.  Or draw a picture. 

Basically, the only thing I've bought are the stickers themselves, and again the dollar discount stores allow you to buy a gazillion itty-bitty stickers relatively cheap.  Also, don't forget that stores discount their seasonal/holiday stickers right after the holiday, so you can stock up for the following year.

Oh!  And once a child fills their sticker chart?  I have a box of toys/suckers/balloons/goodies where they can pick their prize.  And then I put up a new chart so they can start all over again.

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