Wednesday, March 9, 2011

But What About the Glue?

Monday I showed what I do with the school supplies brought by the children at the beginning of the year.  You emailed me and asked about glue.

Our school district requires our students to bring glue sticks AND bottled glue.  Of course, the sticks run out (or dry out) within a few weeks.  But to put a bottle of glue in a Kindergartener's hands is asking for trouble, as well as running rivers of white stuff all over kingdom come.

What I've done is collect little plastic containers (what you see here is from a fruit cup).  I pour glue into the container and then add several toothpicks.  Not only can each child scoop and smear to their heart's content, but there's no chance of ending up with blobs of glue dripping down walls and arms.

Furthermore, the cups are reusable!  Once the leftover glue is allowed to sit for a couple of days, it hardens around the toothpicks.  A little pressure and pull on the toothpicks, and the dry glue peels right out nice and clean.  (And it's fun to do!)

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