Monday, May 2, 2011

Slap Words!

The game is simple.  I put our vocabulary words on different colored sheets of tag board.  (That way if a word gets mixed up with another stack, it's easy to spot.)  Words cards lie on top of table face up.  I call out a word.  Person to find it first slaps their hand down on top of the card, then takes the card and puts it to the side in "their pile".  Person with the most words wins!

(Hint:  Don't call out the last word when there's just one card left on the table.  Otherwise it becomes a wrestling match.)


  1. I love this idea!! Very Cute! I am now your newest Follower :) Come check out my page:

  2. I just found this idea, and I love it! It can be used so many different ways- even for older kids. I think you can call out math problems and have the answers on the table (a variation of the flyswatter game). Thanks so much for the great

    1. You're welcome! I use it mostly on those days when we can't go outside because of bad weather. Get 'em up out of their chairs, and you see a lot of "dancing" in the aisles! :)

  3. Love this idea. I wonder what it would look like if you used it with Middle Schoolers and did a vocabulary review with it? I'm going to try it!

  4. You could call out the definition of the word!

  5. Or a synonym, or antonym. The possibilities are endless!

  6. We have a 'one attempt only' rule so there is no random slapping at words and when I get to the second-last or last word I deliberately call out a word that isn't there to make sure the students are listening. This keeps it interesting until the very end.