Monday, May 9, 2011

Want to Thank a Teacher?

Teacher Appreciation Week is over, but I wanted to say that if you ever want to give your child's teacher a gift that will be gratefully accepted, here are a few ideas:

* Sharpie markers and highlighters
* drink vouchers, instant drink packages (if you know what they prefer), or at the least, $ for the vending machine
* a spiral notebook (large and small)
* pen on a rope (seriously!)
* colored index cards (if the school doesn't provide them)
* photo boxes (the ones that look like elaborately decorated shoe boxes - great for storage!)
* pencils (lots and lots of pencils)
* stickers

Things to avoid:

* food or candy
* plaques, buttons, signs, trinkets, statues, or other stuff that may add to an already crowded desk
* jewelry, necklaces, bracelets

Please remember, not all teachers have access to refrigerators or microwave ovens to keep things cold or heat things up in their rooms.

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