Friday, July 15, 2011

New Life for an Old Deck of Cards

Got an old deck of cards that you're thinking of throwing away because it's missing a card or two?  Give it new life by letting your kids play WAR.  But not the usual version of the game. I've simplified it to make it easier for them to remember and play.

1. Shuffle deck.
2. Place deck face down in middle of table.
3. Each child takes a card off the top.
4. Child with "highest number" card gets all the other children's cards. (Have them put those cards to the side in a pile.)
5. Jack is "Junior", the prince, and the King and Queen's son. The King is over the Queen, who is over Junior.  A is for the Angel, who is over Everyone!
6. If there is a tie for the highest cards, just those children who tie pick one more card off the top of the pile.
7. Game ends when there aren't enough cards left for everyone to draw.
8. Winner is the person who has the most cards in their "put aside" pile.

Note: If the children want to use the Joker, the person who draws him loses all their cards in their "put aside" pile. (Those cards don't go back in the center pile.)

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