Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taking It One Word Per Week

The first week of school I began the class on their first sight word: SEE.
As you can tell from the chart, there's a blank on some lines. We "fill in" those blanks with a silly word of our choosing, like "pizza" or "pickle", or their names.

On Monday we simply read it together as a class.
Tuesday, I have half of my class go up and read it aloud one at a time.
Wednesdays are "Win Win Wednesdays!", and I pit all the boys against all the girls. The group that reads the best gets to be first in line for lunch, recess, and end of school dismissal.
Thursday is when the second half of my class read aloud one at a time.
And Fridays are "Fun Fun Fridays" where we read the whole chart together BACKWARDS.

Below is the chart for Week #2 (this week), and the sight word is MOTHER.

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