Friday, September 16, 2011

It's as Easy as 1-2-3

To give my students a little something different, and to challenge them to think in ways other than laterally, I started having them make "number boxes". Each child gets a sheet of large construction paper.

* Fold it in half "hamburger" length, then open and fold "hot dog" length.
* In one box, they cut out a picture from a catalog that contains the number of items they're studying
* In another box, they write/copy the name of the number
* In the third box, they get one of the numbers (large and tracing) to color, cut out, and glue on
* In the last box, I have objects that they can glue - the number of objects depends on the number

As you can see, we glued a cotton ball for 1, toothpicks for 2, and paper clips for 3, but you can use any items you want. I'm planning on having gold stars for 4 and buttons for 5.

The best thing about this activity is that it reinforces their cutting and other fine motor skills, as well as helps them with their counting.

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