Friday, January 13, 2012

4 Quick and Easy Science Lessons

Three Quick and Easy Science Lessons

Here are 4 lessons I did with water this week with my class.

The first is called "Walking Water". You need 2 cups, paper towel, and food coloring. Very simply, fill one cup with colored water, place the DRY paper towel into it (as close to the bottom as possible), and place the other end of the towel into the other empty cup. Place the full cup ABOVE the other, and as the day goes by check to see what's happening. The water "walks" from the top cup, down to the bottom one, and starts to fill up the bottom cup!

 These next three lessons have to deal with refraction and reflection. All you have to do is place a pattern behind your full glass (must be glass to work). You'll see how the pattern shifts and changes direction. Especially with the arrow below. If you draw the arrow to the right, the water will make it look like it's pointing left!

The 4th lesson involved taking a glass of water and sticking a straw into it, and noticing how the straw appears to be "broken" in half at the water line.

During labs, they often go over and remove the cards behind the glass, then replace them, just to watch the magic happen.

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