Monday, February 6, 2012

I Spy - Math and Language Arts Integrated

I borrowed an idea I saw from a teacher on Pinterest who had given everyone in her class "math bags". The object was for each child to bring back 5 items from home. Subsequently, the teacher put all of the objects into a pile and had her class divide them up into groups. I used a brown paper bag, and the only restriction was that they couldn't bring back any food items. The sorting and classifying took 2 days, as we also did a Venn diagram to label and explain why the objects had been sorted a particular way.

After removing the objects too large for the small paper plates, each student got to pick any 5 items (they didn't have to pick their own) and put them onto the plate already slathered with a thin layer of glue. The plates were allowed to dry overnight.

The next day each child filled out an I SPY paper using creative spelling. When that was done, I hung the plates out in the hallway, along with the papers, and parents-teachers-students got to see if they could pair up the paper with the plate.

You can get your copy of my I SPY template here.

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