Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Out Your Closets?

I guess the spring cleaning bug hit me early (because of our unusually spring-like weather this time of year, you think?) Or maybe it was because I was looking for glitter, knowing I had some, yet I couldn't find any! For whatever reason, since I had never actually organized my closets (red face here), I decided to take on cleaning out One Shelf a Day. I bought some baskets from the dollar store, grabbed a few box lids from the trash bins, and now I have organized closets (this is the ART closet. I also have one for LANGUAGE ARTS, MATH, and SCIENCE.)

As an added bonus, I found some tiles and picture puzzles I didn't know I had that can incorporate into my centers and 10 Minute Smarters! (Another plus is that it'll be so much easier to do my end-of-the-school-year inventory!)

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