Monday, March 5, 2012

March is TEXAS Month! (Freebie Twofer!)

March is an important month for Texans. For one thing, March 2nd is Independence Day (where we split from Mexico), and March 6th is when the Alamo fell in the little village of San Antonio in 1836. Also included in our celebrations is a Livestock Show and Rodeo (week-long events).

To help kick off the month, we learn Texas songs, like the ever-popular "Deep in the Heart of Texas". For fun, I give each table a song sheet with the words on it, and a baggie of the words. When I say, "Go!", each table races to see who can put their words in the same order as the song.

You can download the words and song sheet here.

The bottom of the song sheet has the state flag on it. On other days everyone will get their own copy of the words, which they can cut out and glue to the back of their flags.  Then they can color the flag (white stripe on top, red stripe on bottom, white star on royal blue background.)

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