Monday, April 9, 2012

Math Game - "Fill-er-Up Five"

I'm using this activity during our Ten Minute Smarters. I grabbed some deviled egg platters from the dollar store. I already had the rocks, but another teacher is using buttons.

* Each child gets his own platter. Fill the center with counters.
* First child rolls the die. THE OBJECT IS THEY CAN ONLY PUT FIVE COUNTERS IN EACH DEPRESSION. So if a child rolls a 6, they would put 5 counters in one space, and put the 1 in a new space. Or, for example, if a depression already has 2 counters, and the child rolls a 4, they would finishing filling that depression with 3 counters (to make a total of 5), and put the rest in a new depression.
* A depression must be filled with 5 counters before moving to a new depression.
* First one to fill up his platter wins, OR, when time is called, they can Count By 5s to see how many counters they've placed, and the student with the most wins.


  1. Very how you are using deviled egg platters for this. :o)
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  2. I love this idea!! I just found your blog and I love it! I am a kindergarten teacher too and I am always looking for some new ideas to try in my classroom. Thanks, I am a new follower:)