Monday, June 18, 2012

Tots and Technology Conference, Part 1 - QR Codes

I recently attended the TOTS AND TECHNOLOGY conference in Galveston, Tx. During this three-day convention, we were given many wonderful and useful ideas, tips, and tricks in using our classroom smartboards and iPads. We were also given some wonderful websites for teaching tools. And, of course, there were the new tools and gizmos demonstrated for us to buy.

One of the most-used gimmicks was the QR Codes. They were everywhere, and many sessions gave some great ideas how to use them. One of the better online sites where you can generate your own codes is here. Of course, a major restriction is having the scanner(s) to reveal what the codes are. At the conference, it was suggested the students use iPads, or use the classroom computers with video cameras attached to the monitors.

I heard a few teachers mention that the codes for classroom use are more gimmick than practical. Personally, I agree (as of now.) But to me there's always a time and place when the codes can be used for a special assignment, and not necessarily for everyday use.

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