Friday, June 22, 2012

Tots and Technology Conference, Part 3 - Word Clouds and Tagxedo

One of the really neat discoveries I made at the conference was the use of Word Clouds. Now, Word Clouds are not new. A lot of bloggers use them instead of the standard number index. You can find them at the bottom or side of a blog. With the number index, let's say a blogger uses "summer activities" as a frequent label. In the index, the name "summer activities" will show up, followed by a number. This number represents how many times the blogger has used that tag with a post. So if you're interested in finding out all of her posts regarding summer activities, you can click on that label, and all the blogs will pop up for you to peruse. With a Word Cloud, instead of a number, the SIZE of the word gives you an indication of how many times that label has been used. The bigger the word, the more it's been used.

Tagxedo is a terrific site where you can build and save Word Clouds from any website or blog of your choice. Plus you can pick what style, color, font, and design you want! The above Word Cloud is from this blog.

So what can you use a Word Cloud for? The possibilities are endless! For one, I can see how many words they can find and write. You can graph the words by size, estimate how many times the word's been used (if you presume that the smallest words = 1), and so forth.

Have fun with it! Experiment! I know I will!

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