Friday, October 5, 2012

Letter F Activities

I was asked recently if I did any activities to go with the alphabet when we learned/reviewed letter names and sounds. I'll begin sharing those, beginning with the letter F.

1. They mixed red and yellow paint to discover the color orange. Then they colored a FLOWER with a FORK.

2.  Trace handprints on construction paper and cut out to make FALL LEAVES to hang from the ceiling. (Blogged earlier.)

3. Draw pictures of our FAMILY to make a class book.

4. Discovered which FRUITS (including a pumpkin) "Sank or FLOATED".

5. Cut out pictures of FOOD from magazines to FILL our paper plates. Note they had to find 1 meat, 2 vegetables, and the fourth was their choice. (Plates were divided into fourths with a marker.)

6. Finished the week with FUN FUN FRIDAY - we brought our FLIP FLOPS to school to wear in the class.

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