Friday, October 26, 2012

Letter P Activities

Our activities for the letter P included:

* Made our own pretend PIZZAS with PAPER PLATES and construction paper ingredients. (Picture)

* Mixed red and white PAINT to make PINK, then painted our PIG picture.

* Looked at all the different styles of a PENNY. (I use a classroom Elmo and projector for close-up work.)

* The student whose name began with a P got to wear a namecard necklace with the P done in glitter glue.

* Had a PICKLE tasting PARTY.

* Took our lunches outside one day for a PICNIC (see picture).

* Compared a PEACH, PLUM, PEAR, PAPAYA, and PINEAPPLE. Had a taste testing. (See pictures. During center time, they asked if they could have what was left. That pineapple never had a chance. :)

* On another day, did the same with an Idaho, new, and sweet POTATO.

* Learned how to play Hot POTATO music game.

* Popcorn!

* We jumped our P every time we entered the room.

* Had a field trip to a PUMPKIN PATCH (at a local church - see picture).

* Took the measurement of our PUMPKIN with a piece of yarn, then checked to see how long it was using different types of units. (I did the same lesson last year, explained in more detail here.)

* We cut open our class PUMPKIN, and every child got to scoop out some "innerds" with their bare hands (and put on a paper plate to study, keep, and take home.) Some of their expressions when they put their hands inside were priceless!

* For Fun Fun Friday, we wore our PAJAMAS to school!

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