Friday, December 7, 2012

Letter O Activities

Our letter O activities included:

* recognizing everyone who had an O in their first names
* made an anchor chart with O words and pictures cut from catalogs
* made AB patterns with Owls

* glued Cheerios to letter O
* jumped onto the letter O taped to the floor by the door every time we came into the room

* glued yarn into the shape of the letter O onto Orange paper

* taste tested black and green Olives
* learned about Opposites, and made a class book of opposites using pictures from a catalog

* made our own Ocean, complete with Oatmeal sand and an Octopus
(the octopus was from our die-cut machine)
* for Fun Fun Friday, we used watercolors and painted a coloring page that had pictures of several objects that began with O (otter, octopus, olive, owl)
* after painting, we used shaving cream to clean the table tops, and of course practice writing our Os


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