Friday, January 4, 2013

Letter H Activities

Here's what we did while studying the letter H:

* jumped and called out the letter on the floor every time we entered the room

* recognized those students with an H in their names

* gave out FREE HUGS all over the school

* since we were stuck indoors during recess most of the time, we learned to use (or tried to) the Hula Hoop

* made the letter H with our Hands

* played the Hamburger game (Each piece has a number. Roll the die. If you roll a number you don't have, add it to your hamburger. If you already have that number, you lose your turn. First one to complete their hamburger wins!) You can download the pattern here.

* made a House with the capital H

* and on Fun Fun Friday, we got our Hair spray-painted

* and for snack time, we got to eat Honey on Honey wheat bread (note the blue streak on his head)

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