Friday, January 18, 2013

Letter M Activities

Our Letter M activities included:

* jumping on and sounding out the M on the floor every time we entered the room.

* recognizing everyone who had an M in their name.

* making an M anchor chart by cutting out pictures of objects which started with the letter M.

* covering our M with Marshmallows (you can get the worksheet here!).
* We googled our city, then our neighborhood, then our school on Maps (great Social Studies activity! Don't forget to use the satellite view option to actually see a "bird's eye view" of the building!) After printing off copies of that map, we took M stencils and traced the letter, and cut out the Ms.

* painted Macaroni, which we strung into necklaces.

* watched a Movie about Music (if you're not familiar with the ANIMUSIC series, these are DVDs you MUST get! Each computer animated segment is ten to fifteen minutes long, and the episodes are highly imaginative as well as enthralling!)
* For Fun Fun Friday, we all wore our Moustaches, and ate Muffins for snack time!

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