Friday, March 1, 2013

Letter X Activities

Our letter X activities for this week included:

*  looking at real X-rays from a local hospital

* making our own Xylophone with strips of construction paper. We made this a math activity by gluing them from long to short, or short to long. (basic art activity found on Pinterest)

* playing on Xylophones in the music room

* drawing our own X onto construction paper, then covering it with bones

* drawing our hand and wrist on construction paper with chalk, then gluing Q-tips on them to look like X-rays (basic idea found on Pinterest)

* and on Fun Fun Friday, X Marks the Spot! I hid a series of 6 envelopes all around the campus. Each envelope (marked with big Xs), gave a clue as to where the next one was. We found envelopes in the gym, by the front office, in the library, on the flagpole out in front of the school, in the computer room, and finally ended up in our own classroom where...

* we finally located our "treasure" - a basket full of books and golden chocolate eggs! Each child got to choose 2 books to keep, and 2 eggs to eat.

It was a great day!

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