Friday, March 8, 2013

Letter Y Activities

This was a looong week. With all grade levels testing, we didn't get our PE time or other classes, and no recess until after 12:00, which meant we had an hour and a half extra time to fill. So we had extra Y activities.
* We filled Ys with Yarn. A traditional activity. Except, in this case, I gave each table a skein of yarn, and they had to cut their own pieces.
* We went outside when the bad weather allowed. So we used that time to find tree branches in the shape of a Y.

* We used pictures of a Yak and a Yo-yo to make ABB patterns.

* I gave each student a sheet of newspaper, and they had to find, cut out, and paste 10 Ys. You can get a copy of the little worksheet here, but you can also adapt it to fit any letter and number you want to review.


* I also hung up a large sheet of yellow bulletin board paper. The kids searched catalogs for anything Yellow, which they cut out and glued to the sheet.

* One of their favorite activities was to make their own Yo-yos. They traced can lids, colored them, and cut out the circles, which they glued to cardboard toilet paper tubes. After the yo-yos dried, they tied a piece of yard around the middle. A few kids could get their yo-yos to roll back up partway!

* And for Fun Fun Friday, we celebrated with Yogurt. (Most of my students had never had yogurt, and some had never heard of it.)

* And finally, I taught the class some cheerleader moves to our school cheer. And then we performed this Yell on the morning announcements, which was broadcast on the TV!


  1. Thank you for these great letter Y activities! I especially love going outside to look for Y shaped branches. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Awesome ideas! :)

  3. You're very welcome! Thanks for commenting!