Friday, April 12, 2013

Letter U Activities

Just when we thought we wouldn't have a lot of activities for this letter, we ended up having a terrific week!
* We used underwear and umbrellas to make ABB patterns.
* Speaking of umbrellas, we painted coffee filters with watercolors (giving the parasol portion a beautiful stained glass effect). Once they were dry, we took a pipe cleaner, punched a hole in the center of the filter, made a tiny loop in the top, and curved the bottom section so it looked like the handle.

* We suspended them from the ceiling so they would sway and dance and twirl.

* Next, I found a boxer pattern and a panty pattern on the internet. Ran them off. Everyone got to design their own underwear.

* We then hung them on the "line" in the hallway, and I invited all the teachers to come vote for their favorite pair (one boy, one girl) by putting a tally mark on the yellow post-it note.

* Our underwear contest ended up with a tie for the best girl's panties, and one boy winner!

* Because the letter Uu is a vowel, it's more often found inside a word (CVC) than at the beginning. So I created a game called "Buggy".
* I found a ladybug graphic on the internet, blew it up, and made a game board out of it (4 to a sheet of cardstock.) I then made 35 little copies on a sheet, and pasted pictures from an assortment of worksheets and workbooks on the backs.
* Here's how the game works. I placed all the little bug pictures in the empty kleenex box. A student pulls one of the pictures and identifies what it is. (Ex: lips) Does "lips" have the short  /u/ sound? Yes or no. If the child answers correctly, they keep the card, and get to cover one of the spots on their game board. If they get the answer wrong, they put the picture card back into the tissue box. First person to cover their game board wins!

* On Fun Fun Friday, I gave everyone a cone template that I found on the internet. They got to color the shape and cut it out. I folded the shape and stapled it into a cone, hole-punched a hole on each side, and gave the student a length of yarn.

We ended up with a class full of unicorns!


  1. Oh! I love the "design your own underwear" idea!

  2. Cute! I will use the unicorn and undies ideas and may use the bug sound words game with variations. Thanks!