Friday, April 26, 2013

Letter W Activities

Another round of testing at school meant a few more activities to help fill up those times when there was no PE or enrichment/block!

To begin our letter W fun, we took this master, put our name on the circles (one letter per segment), and made Name Worms!

On another day, we made Our Window on the Weather, featuring the days we most often see down in south Texas (sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, and rainy.) The master is here. You may want to substitute snow for one of the days, or whatever reflects your local weather. And don't forget the curtains!

I had seen this idea on Pinterest, but there was never a template, so I created one (which you can download here.) For the seeds, we used a hole punch and black construction paper. Those hole punches certainly help strengthen their arm muscles!

For Fun Fun Friday, we played Water games! Our first game we called "Squirt the Bottle". The class was divided up into two teams. I got those neat pool noodle squirters at Walgreen's. Anyway, the kids would fill the squirters with water, then try to hit their target bottle. If they did, their team got a point.

Our second game was "Squeeze the Sponge". Each team member got their sponge soaking wet from the tub, then ran across the playground and squeezed it out into the blue containers. Once everyone had had their turn, I measured the water. The team that managed to squeeze out the most water won!

Once we finished our games, it was time to come in for snacks. And what other snack could we have than watermelon!

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