Friday, May 17, 2013

Cap (and Hat) Tac Toe

I'm reviewing short vowel sounds, and came up with this game for short a. I made two versions: Cap Tac Toe, and Hat Tac Toe, allowing up to 4 players. There's also two ways to play it.

Version 1: For the CAP version, there are baseball cap cards and graduation cap cards. Each player decides which "team" they want to be. Player 1 draws a card and says the name of the picture on the card (ex: web). Then they have to tell whether the word has the short /a/ sound. If they're correct, they get to place a marker on the CAP gameboard. If they're wrong, they lose that turn. The winner is the person who gets the three in a row.

The HAT version is played the same way, using fedora and military hat cards. If I wanted to, I could extend this to more players by using a CAT or BAT, etc.

Version 2: Rather than playing Tic Tac Toe, two players square off to see who can fill up all nine spaces on their game board first. I have even had two players play on the same game board, and the winner with the most covered squares becomes the winner!

You can get both game boards, and the card covers here. (Note: For my vowel pictures, I cut them from old worksheets.)

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