Friday, May 10, 2013

Letter I Activities

Wow. When I originally checked the Internet for ideas and activities for the Letter Ii, there were hundreds for ice cream, a couple for insects, and a few for Indians, but otherwise Ii was pretty scarce on anything else. So I came up with some ideas of my own.

For beginners, I took the lower case, and we all made our own butterfly (insect).
Looking back at a previous activity that got them excited, I made a 20 Is paper, gave a sheet to each table, and some newspaper. First table to fill up their sheet got balloons (my kids LOVE balloons!), and second place winners got a sticker.

Next, I made a sign that said "We drive our teacher buggy because..." (Our unit study this week was about Bugs.) I made these templates: "___ is a SPIDER!" and "____ is a ______!" The children got to pick out one template and color it. Lastly, they got to take their head shot and add it to the top of the bug.

You can get the spider and insect template here.
I've seen Indians made from hand prints before, but I wanted to change it up a bit. So we started with our fingers closed and thumb out, mitten style. Add the headband, make each finger a different colored feather, and add a nostril to the thumb "nose". An eye and a mouth, and there's our Indian!

I had thought about adding googly eyes instead of drawing one, but I didn't get the chance to go to Hobby Lobby and get more. (BTW, mine is in the center of the circle.)

Of course, if you use the lower case i, you have to use the upper case. In this instance, we put a head, toes, and tail on it to make an iguana. Quick and easy!

And finally, for Fun Fun Friday, we topped off our week with ice cream! (Or, in this case, Popsicles.)

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