Friday, May 3, 2013

Letter Z Activities

We've had a very full week studying the letter Zz.

First off, we built ABC patterns using pictures of a zipper, zebra, and the number zero.
On Tuesday, we took a field trip to our city zoo, and got up close and personal with some of the animals.
The trip inspired us to do a class book called OUR TRIP TO THE ZOO. Every child contributed a page stating which animal was their favorite, and drawing a picture of it.

We then took 1/4 sheets of manila drawing paper. And using catalogs, we looked for pictures of zoo animals. Cutting out the pictures, we glued them to the paper, then cut 2 pipe cleaners in half and glued them to the paper to resemble cage bars.

(Note: Last year, I used popsicle sticks, but they were too wide and covered up too much of the picture. I've discovered the pipe cleaners are very difficult to manipulate. Next year, I'm going to try yarn.)

On a large sheet of paper, we arranged our zoo pictures in sections, grouping like animals the same way a zoo does.

On Fun Fun Friday, I made a bingo template. (I made it generic enough to where I could use it for other subjects.) I also took some animal graphics from the web and added their names to make a selection sheet. Each child cut out their choice of 9 animals and glued them to their bingo paper to make their own game card. (You can get both templates here.)

 We played bingo - the first time for most of them - and had a ton of fun! (Note the animal markers we borrowed from our math centers.)

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