Monday, July 1, 2013

Mr. Happy - Mr. Sad Math Game (Freebie!)

Here's a freebie addition/subtraction math game you can download from here. It's called MR. HAPPY - MR. SAD, and the rules are simple.

* Each player starts out with 10 tokens (If we were studying pets, I let them use the little cats and dogs figurines. For the farm unit, the farm animals. We've also used rocks, unifix cubes, and little bears. Anything that fits whatever unit you're working on is great!)
* The player picks a circle from the basket (I ran mine off on blue tag.). If it's a plus + (Mr. Happy), they take that many tokens from the pot. If it's a minus -, they put that many tokens back into the pot from their own pile. This version only goes up to 3.
* When a player runs out of token, the game is over. And the person with the most tokens left wins!

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