Monday, August 19, 2013

Homework Folders

This coming school year, I'm implementing a "homework 4 nights a week" policy. It'll be quite simple, and will always reinforce whatever we're working on. Most of the time it'll be a half page of practice writing letter or numbers. Other times it'll can be something like "bring a picture of an object that begins with the letter __", or "draw __ number of pumpkins". 

In the past, I've always stuck the homework sheet in the folder's pocket, because I usually don't have the time to punch holes in the paper and put it in the brads. But, unfortunately, the students usually lost the sheet, or it was damaged. So, this year I'm going to put a little ingenuity to work.

Taking a Ziploc bag (the kind with the zipper, as the "press and seal" versions are difficult for little fingers), the braded folder, and package/duct tape...

I'll first tape the bottom of the bag. Next, I'll punch holes in the tape.

And, voila! I can simply hand the children their homework assignments, and they can put their assignments into the bags themselves. Now I won't have to worry about missed work!

*EDITED TO NOTE: I found the Ziploc bags with the expandable or flat bottoms best fit inside, without too much "hanging outside" the folder.

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